Corporate Development Director at Lacer

Professional with more than 30 years of international experience in FMCG market and since 2009 in Biotech sector, M&A, Startups, Private Equity, Investment Management and Pharmaceutical.
International Management positions in Spain, France, Germany, China, Mexico, Brazil and Italy.


Company brief: LACER S.A.

  • Leading OTC/healthcare Spanish company.
  • High quality products with extensive scientific support and a broad portfolio mainly distributed through pharmacies make Lacer a leading player in the consumer healthcare & OTC sector in Spain, with a growing international presence.
  • Lacer brands are ranked nº 1 in pharmacies for toothpastes and mouthwashes respectively (brand Lacer); nº1 in the anti-hair loss market (brand Pilexil); nº1 player in the anti-varicose market (brand Thrombocid) and key player in anti-itching products (brand Talquistina).